Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mayhaps my new superhero name should be the Flying Squirrel...

    Exactly 60 days till Rochelle drops me off at the airport, and I board that first plane of maaaaany for adventures far and wide..... For some reason 60 days feels like 5 minutes... maybe because in the big picture IT IS, considering that I will be gone for 120 days which if we're using that kind of math means I'll only be gone 10 minutes Chelle ;-)  Seriously though, I feel like I need to start packing tomorrow. I think I need to at least do a few 'rough draft' packs to see what I have, what I need, and how to put 4months for 3 continents on my back. Yikesabee!! ...Because as my friend Kevin pointed out, it may not be prudent to roll up to any of these farms dragging a suitcase on the dirt road behind me .... not only that, but I need to make my airport transfers as quick and easy as possible while looking like I could still kick some serious ass.... rolling suitcase does not say that....
   A slight feeling of anxiety is just barely beginning to creep in... not anxiety exactly, but the sense of the enormity of this 'thing' ... I mean HOLY SHIT, I'm really doing this! ... I'm not just stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm base jumping off a really tall building (or maybe a short one, ha!) out of it ... AND in this scenario I don't have a parachute, but am wearing one of those crazy flying squirrel suits....


   That being said, I am extremely well-traveled... this is not my first rodeo ;-) ....and you'd think being a Cancer, all this travel and change might have me totally freaked, but traveling really feeds me and I have always been able to quickly nestle in wherever I am. The part where I'm out of my comfort zone is more the fact that I'm flying completely solo, I've always traveled with family, friends, or a group of some kind ... that and the uncertainty.... not REALLY knowing anything other than where I'm going.  But ALL that is exactly why I'm doing this!  I need to shake up my life!! I don't know anything about what or who is waiting for me on this trip. I don't know what my life will look like upon my return. All I know, all I've ever known since reading Eat, Pray, Love is that I HAVE to go.

   So 60 days till the BIG bon voyage.... but only 14 till Rina and I leave for the dance festival in Guatemala!! WOO HOO!!!! ... and more importantly, only 15 till I turn 31!! Already this 'new trip around the sun' (as my mother likes to say) is turning out to be one very magical mystery tour :-)

   Also, I  just might have someone who wants to stay in my place.... fingers crossed! But please keep your ears open for other leads in case this doesn't work out.

".... the magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away..."

Monday, June 27, 2011

WANTED: Soulmate? -- Mayhaps, but I really NEED a Subletter!

    I'm almost exactly two months out --YIKESABEE!! -- and I really want to find that perfect someone to rent my place and love on my Zoe while I'm gone. I'm enlisting everyone's help here! (Especially my beloved Witchy Women -- let's work our magic ladies!!) Please put this intention out to the universe on my behalf, as well as passing my information along to ANYONE you think might be interested or might know someone, or know someone who knows someone.... The ideal candidate is someone who is in transition for four months because I'm not putting anything into storage, so my place will be left AS included :-)  ( all food and litter will be provided of course)
This person needs to obviously be trustworthy which is why I'm not posting an ad to craigslist....I prefer this person come from someone with a connection to my inner circle.

   Here's the skinny: 

 1 bedroom apartment (bottom half of a duplex) in downtown Culver City.
-Completely furnished
-Comes with an adorable, super sweet cat (Zoe)
- Yard with Gazebo
-Small space for storage in attached garage
-Easy street parking
-10 min walk to downtown Culver City (movies, restaurants, Kirk Douglas theater)
- 10 min walk to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

-open to negogiations

    My travel dates again are Monday Aug 29 to Thursday December 29

     I realize I'm not regaling you with my normal sparkling charm and wit, but this part of my process is starting to stress me a bit --- or rather QUITE a bit.... So let's get this out to as many people as possible, circulate! ... and maybe I'll even pick up a few extra readers ;-)



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Proposals in a Postman's bag....and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

      First off, HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!! My birthday season is in full swing, and 'pre-game' celebrations commenced with Florence and he Machine on the 14th at the Greek Theater-- good times!! There was something so profound in hearing the soundtrack of my life of the last 9 months LIVE, goosebumps and a slight misting of me eyes ;-) 

     Yesterday I met my goal of sending ten proposals by the end June! Go me!  I can and probably will be sending more but I wanted that amount to already be in circulation. The final list of lucky recipients is as follows:
Isabella Catalog ( They declined b/c of the economy, but the company's President sent me a lovely message wishing me well)
Lands' End

Eddie Bauer
Athleta (women's altheltic/ outdoor gear)
Lululemon (same as above ... they're BIG on community sponsorship)
Sporteve ( a local Lululemon-esque company here in Culver City -- right on Main St)

    Fingers crossed people.... and toes.... and arms and legs depending on how flexible you are.... Hell... cross your eyes, stick out your tongue, rub your head and pat your belly -- do SOMETHING to send along good vibes! Much appreciated :-)

    Now, what do we think of the idea of an IndieGoGo project.... like my poetry/photography coffee table book idea?? Do we like it, or is it weird and a shameless attempt to fund my trip? Cawfee Tawlk --tawlk amongst yourselves and get back to me .... ( *Very obscure Saturday Night Live reference ... anyone remember Coffee Talk with Linda Richman --- I swear, I think I'm only entertaining myself with this blog, ahahahaha)
Seriously, though I would appreciate any and all opinions. That would be my next order of business if the majority concurs it's a go .... or a go-go if you will ;-)

    That's about it for now, I suppose... Oh no, one more thing. I need for anyone who wishes to stay in contact in a easy, cheap and fun way -- PLEASE GET SKYPE!! Video calling is FREE!!!!!!!! and according to the ever lovely and full of fascinating tips Karen, I can get a local L.A Skype number for while I'm gone and save myself international charges. I will definitely look into that... I read your email, but it was too much info to absorb all at once so I need to read it a couple more times before it officially clicks in...

   This week's shout out goes to my dad for 2 things, A) Motivation -- After talking to him on Father's Day and going over everything still on my list, he so wisely says "Wow, yeah you DO have a lot to do!" Somehow hearing someone else say it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to sit down and crank out 7 proposal letters..... and Secondly, a hilarious and solid pat on the back -- As I'm telling him about my 15 hour layover in Mumbai, India and how I need to look into a temporary exit visa to go into the city he asks,
"Now is that safe? I didn't think to ask before, but are you doing all this ALONE?" ...

To which I reply, "Yes I am! And I don't think it's necessarily not safe...I'm fairly world-travelled and have some serious street smarts,  but if it makes you feel better I'll do my best not to get abducted and sold into sexual slavery" .... and then ....... wait for it........

My dad says, " Well you got bigger gonads than I do" ....

"Balls of steel" I say

.... if that isn't a father's stamp of approval I don't know what is!!! hahahaha
Love you Dad!

And based on that conversation I leave you with this Ah-mazing Rumi quote which has come to live on the tip of my tongue and may come to live in parts on my skin ;-)

Not Here

There is courage involved if you want to become truth.
There is a broken-open place in a lover.
Where are those qualities of bravery and sharp compassion in this group?
What's the use of old and frozen thought?

I want a howling hurt.
This is not a tresury where gold is stored, this is for copper.
We alchemists look for talent that can heat up and change.

Lukewarm won't do.
Half-hearted holding back, well enough getting by?


Half-Hearted and Half-Assed does NOT an Alchemist make!

and now I leave you with the song that frickin' rocks from my new favorite album and band, Foster the People:

Call it What You Want
(look up the lyrics, they're rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bridging the separation anxiety gap

"Mind the gap" people, mind the gap :)

    Since the tickets have been purchased, the point of no return so to speak, it was time to address the issue of my technology.......connectivity, availability.... basically, how to bridge the separation anxiety gap. To many of who I am not only Wonder Woman but Super Available Girl. My texting trigger fingers are warmed and ready to answer any and all 'distress calls' that come in immediately.... and by 'distress calls' I mean daily check-ins, intuitive advice, dream analysis, date dishing, Happy Hour Wed details, weekend planning, and the like. The handful of times, literally the HANDFUL - no more than 5 times, that I did  not respond right away I began receiving urgent texts of 'Are you okay?",Why aren't you answering?" , "Is your phone dead?" followed by actual phone calls of  "Ok, now I'm getting worried...please call me back and let me know you're alright." And i lurve you, I loave you, I luff each and every one of you for this!

     SOOOO, for all of our sakes but given my impending circumstances, come September I shall (still be Wonder Woman of course) be known as, As Available As Possible Given I'm Between 6400-12,000 Miles Away for Four Months Girl! And in order to fulfill the duties of such a prestigious title, one must procure the proper accessories.... i.e a laptop with WiFi, a new camera for the art of self-portraiture that I have so expertly mastered, and iPhone.... *crickets*.... Ssshhhh! Did you hear it? ... I did-- the gasp heard round the world. Yes everyone, I am about to lay my Crackberry to rest and upgrade to the Almighty Oracle.... *sigh, soft sob*.... It's the last thing on the list though. Laptop- check! Camera - check! iPhone - slight hesitation ...
    I must say though what sold me on the iPhone was the super rad feature, a little modern miracle and godsend called Facetime!! While in Ojai this past weekend, our beloved Karen was able to join us for pizza and laughs all the way from Austin, TX .... I actually got to see her beautiful face and hear her lovely voice on this strange and wonderful contraption, this fruit phone everyone is RAVING about.... It was like magic!  S'wonderful! ... S'marvelous! So at least once in four months .... at 2:30 in the morning in Italy or South Africa, or 5:30a.m in Nepal I will be able to join my girls for Happy Hour Wed! Cheers to that! Fruit phones RULE! And Aaron I'm gonna totally beat you to the 'Good Morning' text with that time difference :) 

    In conclusion, between regular old email, my blog, Facebook, Skype, texting, and Facetime it will be like I never left...HA! ... ok, maybe not ... but it may help the discomfort a bit. Absence makes the heart grow fonder..... or ya'll could foget me altogether ;-)

   In other news, I sent out two more proposals: Keen Footwear and Teva. I want to send out 5 more, and also start my IndieGoGo project, AND find a subletter........ Till next time - Ciao!