Thursday, January 26, 2012

According to my mood ring....

 "Green is the color of living plants and is often associated with growth. Green is the color of the heart chakra. A green shade to your mood ring might indicate a healing time, a feeling of love, etc."

    .... Spot on! Heart chakra indeed! Since Monday morning my heart feels like it's going to burst out of my chest, but in a good way... in a hugely expansive (b/c expansive alone isn't enough, I need to be redundant) way. I've had so much energy and felt so much love that I've really exceeded the acceptable ooey gooey mushy cheesy quotient this week, and it's only Thursday! I don't know if it's the antibiotics... In addition to vanquishing my throat of all strep bacteria grossness, maybe for me personally Amoxicilin acts a a kind of psychotropic drug. Maybe it's the gluten ban I've reinstated, the fact that I've been making my juicer work up a sweat this week, or the fact that I dove back into dance classes. OR maaaaaybe it was the news I received Monday morning at work. For those who either didn't see my post on Facebook this week or didn't speak to me directly, the dance festival that was supposed to be in Montenegro ( I know, I know...where the hell is that?) at the end of May apparently got moved to Italy in July..... around the time of my birthday. BOOM! I mean I was super excited to go to Montenegro, hell you know me, I'll happily travel just about anywhere for the sake of travel....but come on, Italy feels like another home to me now. 
     The spaces cannot accommodate our aerial skills so Rina has something else brewing in her genius mind, hence my return to dance classes this week. Mama's got start conditioning again :-) For awhile, I had taken a break from technique based dance classes because simply, I needed the break. Last night however after warming up with a rockin' Yoga Booty Ballet class barefoot, I pulled on a pair of slipppers and entered an actual ballet class again.... my first in 3 or 4 years! When I made my return to dance and decided to pursue it professionally back in 2003 I was taking a very classic and strict Russian technique class from a very classic and strict Bulgarian teacher. In the beginning it was exactly what I needed, but as I began to train with Rina my body no longer liked the rigidity that that class was forcing on me. In either late 2008 or early 2009, I tweaked my knee pretty severely during a ronde jambe exercise because I was not only overly turned out, but I knew it and was muscling through it anyway. Basically my body said, "Fuck you!" I then turned my attention to the likes of aerial work, Nia, yoga, and YBB. Being older, wiser and more in tune with my body as a dancer, I entered that ballet class with a whole new approach...and it felt fantastic! The truth is, ballet is my first love and it's the best and quickest way for me to get back into performance shape. In a couple weeks time I hope to build up to three classes on Wednesdays; YBB, Basic Ballet, then Ballet 1-2.
     The fact that Monday was the Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the (Water) Dragon may also be contributing to this stellar week, and my overflowing heart.  I've heard and read that this Dragon year is when seeds that have been planted finally come to fruition, so much so that it's kind of like 'be careful what you wish for'....  My girls and I (minus DeLise sadly) are having a Chinese New Year fire burning ceremony to release whatever is holding energy that no longer serves us, a little Witches of Eastwick if you will ;-) I would advise you all to do the same, in your own way of course! 

   Anyway, whether it's just this week or a condition that's here to stay for awhile, the butterflies of excitement in my heart and stomach, this constant buzz, a heart cracked wide open is most definitely welcome and a condition for which I am inexplicably grateful. This was how I felt virtually every day on my trip once I left the first farm and started anew at Riccardo's.

This song makes me happy!
(and accurately describes the buzz I'm feeling)
Young Blood 
by The Naked & Famous


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Le Magic

    I toyed with the idea of letting go of the blog now that I'm 'back', but the truth is that I am now and forever a rover. More importantly I'm a writer, clearly an ego maniacal one that thinks that people will still give a shit about her life now that she's no longer fancifully day tripping the world....but whatever, I can accept both those things. The magic of my trip has indeed followed me home, and that deserves props. The tattoo on my left hip forever reminds me "Magic Happens" but without grateful acknowledgement it quickly goes away. And I'm not one to spit in the eye of the mystical powers that be ;-)
The question now though is, do I keep the name The Rover? Or change it to something a little less international woman of mystery? I could just go with CC Bella.... thoughts? 

   Landing back in LaLa Land has been a roller coaster. I figured things would feel different upon my return, but getting into it with my best friend the first couple days (and yes, things are good now) was a total sucker punch. The first 20 minutes alone of being back in my apartment I gave serious thought to calling a cab and hightailing it back to the airport and buying a ticket to anywhere but there, say London. The only thing that kept me from blindly following that impulse was the fact that I had already turned my passport in for renewal. Instead I began to move back into my home, unpack, and reacquaint myself with my cat. 
    As we learned, my initial adjustment to new surroundings is about 4 days. The same was true for L.A, because while of course it's familiar it also felt new. No, actually it felt foreign. It no longer felt like my home. I was actively hovering those first four days, maybe even that entire first week. I was still set to 'take the money and run' at a moments notice. Slowly I felt my energy drop in and settle a little more each day, till one foot was back on the ground. Having at least that one foot on the ground was helpful for the job interview I had on the 4th. A brief work history overview; I was the office manager at an indoor cycling studio in Brentwood with the unconventional hours 5:30am-1p, just to emphasize, that means I had to wake up at 4:30a. That studio serendipitously (yes that's a word, it's my word) closed two weeks before I was set to leave. However, I was smart enough to reach out to 'Corporate', the company making those bikes and throw my hat in the ring for a spot at headquarters when I got home. Having already worked for this team of people and a proven work ethic, I got the job.... and a rocking salary!  Although I have to say that during the interview I didn't 'see' myself there, and actually even through my whole first week I still can't see it. I don't know if that means it's temporary or has something to do with the fact that my other foot hasn't completely touched down grazes the ground from time to time. It does feel like there's something else coming though, whether or not it's another job I don't know but the air around me is pregnant. In the meantime, I am so grateful to have it! And even when my other foot does officially land, I still know that I'm not married to Los Angeles in the same way I was before I left. I'm completely open now. This is my 11th year as an Angeleno and I'm proud of that! I may even end up staying another 11 years, but I know now that if being in L.A stops serving me I will not hesitate to move on. Whereas before I would've said, 'NO L.A is my home, period.' If I learned nothing else on my trip (and of course I did) it's that I can be home anywhere....and I'm a Cancer so that's huge!! Yoga is helping me re-ground and feel my feet again literally and figuratively. My first class back was Monday but after taking my beloved Jules's class on Tuesday I felt more at home. (Anyone here in L.A, PLEASE take a class with Jules Hogan....she's an incredible teacher!  She's so warm and welcoming and hilarious, and down to earth.) 

    This past weekend was the first time since being back in the States that made me feel like I was still on my trip because it was full of the same kind of love and magic. My Friday night was epic. It was one of those nights when suddenly you realize it's 7am and you've been talking, laughing, and listening to music for 8 hours nonstop, a marathon of easy conversation and delicious connection. I woke up with a voice 80% checked out. Granted, I have been fighting a cold but I also wouldn't doubt if it also was because I'd been laughing so much. Saturday was more of the same...such a great night with my luff 'Chelle! Riding the wave of a sweet buzz of alcohol, Ethiopian food, music and the hilarity of my sexy smoker's voice we bought our tickets for Coachella!! (And after convincing Rochelle we could keep her properly hydrated) For those who don't know, Coachella is a 3 day music festival in Indio (East Jesus Nowhere) out toward's Joshua Tree. I have wanted to go every year since moving here and yet for some reason it's never worked out; something comes up, I can't find anyone to go, etc. When I got the release of this year's line-up and the addition of a second weekend I just knew it...this is my year! This time it's gonna work out. Every year the line-up of bands is ridiculously amazing, but this year 3 of my favorite bands are headlining; The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine, and Radiohead.....I won't even go into the 30 other bands I'm flipping out over. So basically, April 20-22 I will be in heaven. Music Whore status reinstated? Check! And it's here that I honor Le Magic, because of the good fortune of things like my Capetown refund, recent unemployment, and a new job is how I can even dream of affording Coachella. 
With my voice now 90% gone, I still managed to connect with my heartlines in London and Barcelona...XO Eddie and Muriel!

     The weekend went too fast, and I'm wishing I had MLK day off like most people I know. It's okay though, because I will enter the new work week with a very full voice, but a full heart :-)

And what kind of sentimental and egomaniacal blogger would I be if I didn't leave you with a touchingly poignant song?
so here ya go...