Saturday, July 28, 2012

Haallooooo from Holland

     So the ONE time I don't remember to take my 'No Jet Lag' homeopathic pills, and I got knocked on my ass! If ever I thought it was merely a placebo effect - no more! I had actually forgotten to bring them, but then Rina gave me a pack at the airport... took that first one, and then it was like they never existed. That lapse in memory coupled with the fact that I did not even close my eyes once on the 10 1/2 hour flight probably didn't help. It's Saturday morning here , and I'm just now beginning to feel like instead of needing to sleep for a week I only need to sleep for 3-4 days.... so I'm making progress. There's been talk of getting a workout in today which would be fantastic, get the blood moving and the endorphins flowing.... then go back to sleep. J/K.
    Let me back up a bit though, to the flight where I met the loveliest couple! Nihal and Niki from Indio, CA (originally Sri Lanka). We didn't get to talking until the the time of the inevitable bathroom break and awkward introduction and apologies for needing to disturb. I got Nihal's walker down from the overhead bin, it wasn't until later I learned he lost his leg a couple years ago to cancer. His prosthetic no longer fits because the chemo made him drop about 30lbs.....Fucking cancer man! But Nihal was all smiles and he just shrugged his shoulders, and proceeded to brag about their musician son while handing me Shane's business card. (  Then he asked if I knew the term 'bucket list' to which I said 'of course.' He beams even brighter and tells me they're on their way to Moscow to make another check on said list. He wants to drink from the Lake Baikal. After Nihal fell asleep, Niki and I continued to chat and told me to look her up on Facebook and to email them the next time I'm out their direction. I tell you... it's magic! I have some of the sweetest encounters while traveling. 
    Great conversation and 3 movies later, we're twenty minutes from landing and I keep expecting the stewardess to walk by with the usual passport control arrival cards..... nada. I was steeling myself for another Heathrow customs experience, remember that asshole from last year? (was a very amusing post if you missed it) In Holland, it was a quick 1, 2 punch ...down at my passport, up at my face and stamp! -- no hello, no why are you here, how long are you going to be staying... great! (By the way, that was the first stamp on my brand new passport. I am now working on my 4th.)
Kevin was right there waiting for us, and we were off...... While Rina and Kevin went into the dungeon museum I had two espressos at the cafe next door and had my second sweet random encounter....enter Carlos from Barcelona. (XOXO Muriel) He rode by twice and finally stopped to introduce himself...A super sweet guy who's here for 2 months looking for work -- to change things up. Love it! .... Cut to having walked the city like 3x over, and we finally had to give in to the exhaustion and auto-piloted ourselves back to the hotel to crash out for 2 hours.....See the day's pics below:

Amsterdam is a very cool city, and at another point when I'm not working on 24+ hours with no sleep I would like to experience more of it.... but this was a nice introduction. We took the train the next morning to Asten, Kevin's hometown, about an hour outside of the city. 
We've been laying low....real, real low....ever since. We're all about to take yet another nap, but then find a space to move our bodies and take ourselves through some kind of class.
Then tomorrow it's off to Belgium for 3 days, 2 nights.....

and Zzzzzzzz

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chillin' at Gate 28

Little else makes me quite as happy as boarding a plane to distant places.... So then obviously I must be really fuckin' stoked to be boarding said plane with one of my best girls to then be greeted at the other end by another of my most favorite people THEN get to spend my Thursday morning strolling the streets of Amersterdan.... to THEN 2 weeks later end up in one of my most favorite places on earth ...TO DANCE!!!! Not to mention that all the while I will be writing, taking pictures, and inevitably picking up random bits of trash/junk for future collages --- This is where, when and how I'm in my element. I am officially living the dream for the next 3 dream anyway.

Mushy, mamby pamby bullshit aside I am surveying the other people on my flight to see if any of the asstards (fucktard meets asshat) from the security line are gracing us with their presence..... Looks like Im in the clear, phew! Yes I realize not everyone is as travel savvy as I ;-) but even if you have been living under a rock, that doesn't excuse a lack of basic... And I mean baaaasic common sense and common courtesy -- Zen sigh.

Shake a tail feather people... Asstards to the side -- The Rover has entered the building :-)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Return of The Rover

       With my birthday extravaganza week over, and yes it was fabulous - full of friends and fun (see album link below), my focus has turned once again to donning my official ‘The Rover” badge. A badge I will be wearing for only 3 weeks this time.  Next Wednesday, the 25th, I will be setting off for another worldly adventure. It’s pretty interesting that this year’s voyage is only 34 days shy of last year’s departure date. I have to say, I could get quite used to such a trend….quite, quite used to it in fact. The brilliant opportunity of exploring Holland, Belgium and Germany and THEN performing a week in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ( is being afforded to me by Daughter of Zion (the dance company) = Rina! She was also the reason I performed and celebrated 31 in Guatemala last year.  Not too shabby eh? Not too shabby at all!!

    I’m excited for this trip, not only because traveling is an integral part of who I am, but also because I’ve never been to the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, but I’ve been to Edinburgh twice and LOVE that city! For me, as a traveler and as a Cancer, this is the best formula; someplace brand spanking new and somewhere familiar that I can sink into even further. 
I will spare you all the inevitable eye-rolling from me regaling you with a past life experience upon my first visit to Edinburgh and a trip into Holyrood Palace. Let’s just say, despite my initial reaction I have come to adore this city. It looks like it’s coming off the pages of a gothic comic book, is overflowing with history (and ghosts) and exhibits some of the best art I’ve ever seen! AND if I’m ever find my very own Edward to play to this (CC) Bella, it would probably be here… I’m just sayin’ ;-)
I have activated my super efficient packing skills once again, and pulled my ‘been everywhere’ backpack off the shelf. The weather seems like it might prove a little tricky; warmish and sunny coupled with cold and rainy…. layers it is!

      So then what ARE we going to be doing before we get to Edinburgh? We land in Amsterdam on the morning of the 26th, where Kevin (our other dancer) will pick us up,  and then beyond that, who the f*&k knows?!  Kevin is from Holland and went home a couple weeks early to spend quality time with friends and family before these soul sistas roll in and shake things up, cue the evil laugh muuahahahaha! We are staying at his parent’s ranch, which I think is 2-3 hours outside of Amsterdam. Like I said, there was talk of exploring Belgium for a couple days…. which really just means drinking beer. I kid, I kid…. to a certain extent ;-) Then we leave out of Dusseldorf so we may go over a day early and wander about.
Once we get in to Edinburgh, it’s pretty much full tilt boogie…. The morning after we land we have our tech rehearsal at 6am, then we actually go on for our first show at 11am!! I gotta say I’m really diggin’ the whole morning performance thing though. When you perform in the evening, basically your whole day is devoted to that preparation; i.e what you eat, constantly staying warm and stretched, etc. THIS WAY, we wake up, knock it out and then have the whole day to see the rest of the festival! …. Oh, and drink beer.
     As far as availability, I am taking my little travel laptop and the fancy fruit phone so I will be ‘checking in’ and posting pics when there is WiFi…. But I won’t be spending a whole lot of time online answering emails or Skyping, so everyone ‘Keep Calm and Carry On” please :-)


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