Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brighton or Bust

5 days!!! But whatever, who's counting?

      Before I launch into all things Brighton, let's revisit Coachella. For those not on Facebook or those on it but who are not my friends I first have to say, " Why the hell aren't we friends? I'm awesome. And humble, clearly." Second, I generously offer you a look see at the weekend's highlights:
Indeed, good times were had by all. As far as favorite performances, I'd have to say Jake Bugg, alt-J, Passion Pit, Local Natives, Modest Mouse, Band of Horses, Ben Howard, Postal Service, The xx, Wild Belle, Robert DeLong, Airborne Toxic Event, Alex Clare, Tame Impala...Two Door Cinema Club would have been awesome if their sound guy hadn't been deaf. We were watching xx and the minute TDCC started you couldn't hear ANYthing else. They sounded amazing, and clearly put on a great show but just too damn loud. If I had to narrow it to to 5 I would say alt-J, Local Natives, Band of Horses, Airborne Toxic Event and Alex Clare. I know you may be surprised that Ben didn't make that Top 5 list, because for those following me on Spotify I listen to him consistently bordering on obsessive. But I prefer the show we saw at The Fonda back in October. He'd broken his hand just a few days before Weekend 2 so his energy wasn't there in the same way, understandably so, and also there was a surprising emotional component for me this time (although I shouldn't have been surprised) that forced me to lower the Iron Curtain. Thus I couldn't really get into it. Pourquoi? you ask.... because the day after the October show there may have been that whole matter of a break-up. So that sucked. I listen to that album so incessantly I thought I'd built my immunity to any emotion of hearing it performed live again. There we are, super stoked to be 6 people deep from the stage and he launches into his first song. Cut to me, 5 seconds in, fucking falling apart, blubbering behind my sunglasses like a child, Bree and Chelle wiping my cheeks. I almost couldn't control it. Hence, the Iron Curtain. Shut her down! :-)
      It truly was a great weekend though, there was so much love and laughter... inside jokes to keep us in stitches for years to come. "Eat-it, eat-it, eat-it" ... "iDay!" ... and saying everything in double, " Is that cider or cider cider?" 
I'll be honest though and say in my slumps of being hot, hungry and tired I couldn't help but feel like, "This is awesome. I'm having so much fun. Is it over yet? Is it April 30th yet?"

    And so, moving right along. Not counting today (Thur) and not counting the day of departure I really only have 4 days! 4 days till I finally board the plane I've been itching to be on for 7 months! Fucking finally!!!! I have so much excitement as well as some anxiety that I don't even really know where to begin. I guess I will begin by saying that the closer we've gotten to leaving, the more gravid this whole Brighton thing feels. Rina and I talked about it at length a couple weeks ago... just about how big the opportunity is for us now that we've completely re-branded the company. That piece of the puzzle is where most of my excitement lies. It's in my own shit that there's some anxiety lurking, an appropo place I spose. I mean, of course I'm excited for myself. The first work I've EVER created/choreographed is being premiered at the largest performing arts festival in England. Hello?! Awesome-sauce! I am also nervous though for that very same reason. I'm not performing for my friends and family who think I'm fabulous and brilliant all the time. I'm performing for what I imagine is a very sophisticated and slightly jaded group of ... well, let's face it ... theatre-snobs...British theatre-snobs nonetheless. And gawd knows I love the Brits. I've wanted to move to the UK for the last 7 years to become some cool sort of AmeriBrit hybrid and have them welcome me with open arms. My fear is folded arms, sour looks, and disparaging dry humor at my expense. And I have an awful tendency to be too easily discouraged, especially when it comes to any of my 'art.' I've been known to hibernate under the covers cursing my artist instinct and deconstructing the question, "Who do I think I am?" Thankfully, those kinds of histrionics have lessened with age but the tendency is there. I am proud of this work though, really proud... especially for my first shot out of the gate. At the end of the day, that's all that matters anyway. People could think it really sucks, and of course that would smart a bit, but the truth is I AM fabulous and do occasionally have fleeting moments of brilliance. " And gosh darn it, people like me." :-)
     And then.... *Sigh. And then, there's Brighton. Or B-R-I-G-H-T-O-N. Or Brighton Brighton. So there's that.  

     The other aspect adding to the gravity of these next 5 weeks is that it is written in the stars quite literally. Today at 12:57pm is the Full Moon in Scorpio and is the first of three eclipses. "Because of the geometrical angles that are currently in place, we are going to experience two Lunar Eclipses with a Solar Eclipse sandwiched in between them. This three-in-a-row configuration is what is known as a wormhole. Just like in a sci-fi special effect (or for real, in the world of quantum physics) a wormhole picks you up in one place in time/space and transports you clear across time/space into brand new territory. Such is the lay of the land from this April 25th through June 7th. The more aware you are of where you want to go, the more likely you will be to land somewhere you will be happy to be......We are now entering into the Taurus portion of our journey, making the next six weeks a key time in the manifestation process, as Taurus connects to the tangible energy of Form.
 Think of this worm hole as a frenzied upgrade into higher ground as far as generating your own destiny goes."
I also love, being a moon ruled Cancer, the fact that the Full Moon in Scorpio is guiding me into this new adventure. The New Moon will shed light on possibilities and new beginnings on the 9th and another Full Moon (in Sagitarius) on the 24th will begin to wrap it all up...although I don't ever like my time there to be 'wrapped up'  (it physically pains me whenever I have to leave) so maybe said wrapping will be of all the gifts and opportunities the month has afforded me that I get to open again and again.
     Those who've been following this blog for awhile know that when I travel, magic usually abounds. And those following me on FB or even Twitter know I have a habit of heart collecting - not in the creepy way that that just sounded. It's funny to think my whole love affair with seeing hearts in everything all the time and documenting them began back in July/August, on our last ZDC 'Fringe' trip. That trip was a game changer, no doubt. I'm curious to see where and to what my heart(s) will lead me this time. Stay tuned ya'll....

     I have so much swimming in my head and heart that I could rewrite this post a thousand times over and still have barely scratched the surface of each of the things I touched on. As is often my way, I seek the assistance of music and leave you with a song that encompasses all and sums it up in a ridiculously perfect and achingly lovely way. I leave you with - Train Song.

Till next time, from across the pond :-)
Love, Hugs, and other 'Drugs'

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



     It is indeed that time of year again, the time of a music whore’s wet dream. COACHELLA!!! We opted to be Second Weekend warriors this year, which means we will be battling the blazing desert temps of 100+. Hot damn, I say! Sweating my ass off in Hot Yoga these past couple weeks won’t be in vain after all.
The caravan heads out early Friday morning, getting us there a little earlier than last year and hopefully in time for an inaugural round of ‘Birthday Cake’ before White Arrows, the first band on my expertly created Xcel spreadsheet. Except, let me say even in my brilliance, “Damn you Coachella for scheduling The xx, Two Door Cinema Club, and Franz Ferdinand at the same fucking time! Same goes for Alex Clare and Lumineers. Curses!” And just in case you have forgotten or are just joining me, ‘Birthday Cake’ is the brilliant two-fisted concoction Chelle and I discovered last year while taking a sip of one another’s drink. You start with a sip of Fat Tire followed by a sip of tequila in Limeade juice and voila! – it tastes like a slice of birthday cake. Hand to gawd!
I've been avoiding any press or coverage from the first weekend, although I'm dying to know what 'surprises' this year may in store. We totally bailed before the Tupac hologram last year - major fail on our part.

     One might think that with my yoga training in March I wouldn’t need another ‘vacation’ so soon. One would be wrong. Post yoga, my focus has turned 200% toward Brighton and all the ‘business’ odds and ends of getting ready not only on  behalf of the company but also just for myself. It also means I’ve entered the athletic training bubble which basically means I go to work, work out, and go to bed. I usually cannot be reached after 8pm because I’ve been making use of the 'Do Not Disturb' feature on my fruit phone.  So to say I’ve been antisocial is a smidge of an understatement. I need this weekend to completely unwind, reconnect with my friends, and RAWK OUT!
And what better way to celebrate my last week and change in the States before I take Brighton by storm? ;-) 
I will, of course, be addressing everything surrounding this upcoming UK adventure upon my return. 

     But for now let’s focus on the subject at hand, THE MUSIC! For those of you on Spotify, I have made a general playlist as well as one for each day. Check em out. I’m sure I will stumble upon more bands than I’ve listed because as we know hearing a band live completely changes the experience. That being said, here is my list of who I’m super stoked to see. I've included a handful of links (they're in grey) to give you a scrumptious lil sampling. You're welcome :-)

FRIDAY: (Talk about baptism by fire – there will be much running to fit all these in)

White Arrows
Aesop Rock
Four Tet
Of Monsters and Men
Beach House
Purity Ring
Jurassic 5
Stone Roses
How to Destroy Angels

Vintage Trouble
Wild Nothing
The Evens
Dropkick Murphys
Bat for Lashes
Violent Femmes
The Make-Up
Hot Chip
Franz Ferdinand

Three O’ Clock
Airborne Toxic Event
Thee Oh Sees
Pretty Lights
The Faint
Wu Tang Clan
Red Hot Chili Peppers

See ya'll on the other side....

Love, Hugs and other 'Drugs'