Wednesday, April 30, 2014

By By By-Line

      This time last year, this very day, I woke up to finish packing and take one last yoga class before boarding the plane that would bring me and the rest of Zion Dance Company to the Brighton Fringe Festival. It was an unbelievably unexpected and amazing five weeks full of side splitting laughter, new friends, emotional performances, good and bad reviews, tying up loose ends, and romance. I met the man that just seven months after some very fine divine intervention I moved to England to be with. Granted, I had wanted the UK experience since 2007 but falling in love was clearly the tipping point to finally making that a reality.
     It's been a whirlwind to say the least. I can't believe that today, exactly one year later, I woke up in a bed I share with the man I love 5,461 miles away from where I started living out my UK dream. Crazy! Sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself to truly appreciate all the epic shit I've done with my almost 34 years. I remember seeing a purse last year in a shop window in the Brighton lanes that read, "My life is based on a true story." Exzachary.
     Granted, the first five months of living in this dream come true hasn't quite been a walk in the park as many of my followers have read. I'm still trying it on let's say, and seeing how well it fits. I've yet to find a job unfortunately. But fortunately I'm now viewing that downtime as an opportunity to refocus on what I want next while stoking the other creative fires burning in my writing. Twas my New Year's resolution to use that as my anchor whilst trying to find my feet in my new environment, and lo and behold! Not only did I wake up one year later as a UK visa holder and the girlfriend of an English superhero, but ..... wait for it....... as a published author!
     I submitted an article to elephant journal, an online yoga magazine and it was accepted last week and published yesterday (although I didn't get the email till this morning)! It may seem like a small thing to some, but I reeeaaaally needed this victory. I've since been riding this wave and submitting other essays to online magazines and creative non-fiction contests in the hopes of getting more by-lines and building a fairly strong portfolio. 

     Here is the direct link to the article:
I need to get 2000+ views in order for them to feature it in their 'Popular Lately' section. It's short, only 959 words so please, please, pretty please take the two minutes to read it. Even better, if you like it have someone else read it. Thank you! Also, the yoga studio I'm referring to is Goda Yoga in Culver City and the greatest teacher ever is one Mrs. Jules Hogan-Sahay.  If you're in Los Angeles don't walk, RUN to her class. All their classes and teachers are fantastic, I'm just biased :-)

What a difference a year makes, eh?

Love, Hugs, and Other 'Drugs'