Tuesday, September 2, 2014


   Today was the first day of my third week at my new job! It has been quite awhile since my last post so this may indeed be news to some of you. I am now the Social Media Coordinator for the charity Group B Strep Support (www.gbss.org.uk) 3 days a week. Pretty great role for me eh?! It's a really sweet gig; an amazing cause and a very cool team of people. The seven months of searching and rejections may have been arduous and painful, but my pioneer American spirit and persistence finally paid off! I'd never heard of Group B Strep before so if you're like me here's the skinny:
The charity's aim is to prevent preventable cases of group B Strep infection in babies. Basically, Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a normal bacterium which colonises up to 30% of adults in the UK, without symptoms or side-effects. It is most commonly found in the intestines, as part of the normal gut flora (bacteria living in the gastrointestinal tract). It is also often found in the vagina of adult women. It is known as a ‘commensal’ – an organism which lives on another without causing any harm.GBS can, however, occasionally cause infection, most commonly in newborn babies. And the UK unfortunately does not automatically test women for it.
    *Since I am now getting paid to be the official hashtagqueenofallthingshashtag, its only right that I take a moment to plug our merry little band and cause. You can find us on Facebook at Group B Strep Support, on Twitter @GBSSupport, Instagram groupbstrepsupport, YouTube and Pinterest. #GBSaware #spreadtheword #savinglittlelives 
Also if you are a UK resident, please (and Thank You) sign our current petition here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/60515 *

    Ok, back to the matter at hand...Having a reason to get out of the flat, a purpose beyond cleaning and cooking, working for the greater good, interacting with people, and earning my own poundage has done alot for my sanity! It's also been interesting finding that balance between working what are essentially two part time jobs; SM Extraordinaire and 'Housewife'. When I was at home all day every day I made a point of carving out time to go to the little gym in our complex most days, even if it was just for 30-45min. Although it is here that I must come clean and confess that in my nine months of being here I can count on ONE hand the number of times I've done yoga... And even then, they've been half-assed attempts on my own at home. I haven't stepped foot into a class (to my defense here, there are no classes in Haywards Heath and treking back and forth to Brighton has been more effort/energy/money than Ive been willing to expend or could afford). I don't know why I've found it so hard to keep my practice, but the bottom line is that I have been a baaaad yogi. And since starting my job I haven't worked out at all, even on my days off. (I spent the time catching up on cleaning, laundry, cooking in advance, all while still maintaining my much anticipated Skype dates.) On top of all that, our landlord is trying to sell our flat so a move may be in our future. SO.
    In my efforts to raise awareness for GBSS, I've re-realized the motivating power of challenges (like the ice bucket or pie-in-the-face), and daily themes like #MotivateMonday, #ThrowbackThursday, and #FollowFriday. I also remembered my 100 days of Happiness challenge that had been very therapeutic.
While on my walk home from work today, as I was brainstorming for work (mind-mapping as they would say here) I thought of a theme and challenge for myself, #SerenityNowSeptember, to earn back my good yogi status, return to taking/making time for myself, and delegating various errands and meals to TomGong....thus creating balance in this new arrangement and routine.

     I suddenly got really psyched up to break the seal on my Rodney Yee yoga DVD that I bought 2-3mo ago and began walking faster.  I knew I had to resist all distractions or temptations so as soon as I walked through the door I turned off my phone, changed, grabbed my mala beads and rolled out my yoga mat. Boom! Serenity NOW. The 60min sloooow yoga burn section I selected was perfect! I even took 5 extra minutes for some chanting. Shrim (Shreem) = the feminine seed sound/mantra for the energy of abundance in ALL forms. 
(Even though I'm starting on the 2nd I count this double-duty as Day 1 and 2 )

   Who wants to join me?! Who couldn't use a lil more serenity or balance in their life? You might be experiencing a major shift in your life or a small one like me. Either way any kind of change generally calls for some degree of re-calibration across the board. It doesn't have to be yoga or chanting, I'm just a nerd and a hippie like that. It could be asking for more help, or if you're a control freak like me asking for help period. It could be a workout, a walk around the block, a bath, or a 'Happiness Hour'... whatever will bring you some serenity now.

    If you do decide to join in, I'd love to see what you're doing ...Feel free to tag me in your photos on FB or Instagram or mention me in a tweet if you prefer Twitter, etc. 

Till next time, love, hugs and other 'drugs' ....
& a September of serenity!