Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Earthing (n): the process of absorbing earth’s free flowing electrons from its surface through the soles of one’s feet. (also known as grounding)

First of all, yes! 

Secondly, this term came across the radar of the masses over the last couple years as a ‘thing’, a health fad that is equally praised and discounted all over the internet. Really? One of the most basic, visceral and instinctive needs as a human to ditch the restraint of the modern encumbrances we call shoes to dig in the dirt, grip the grass, and spread our toes in the sand… to connect with something bigger than ourselves yet tangible is being touted as a health fad, as some new discovery? Even Dr Andrew Weil cautiously weighed in on the topic acknowledging the benefits of bare foot stimulation but reserving further judgement till the research rolls in. Really?! While there may not be a plethora of studies accurately measuring the exchange and absorption of these free flowing electrons and the subsequent benefits to our physical health and overall wellbeing…do we truly need charts and graphs to prove that the overwhelming sense of healing (and just plain fucking awesome-ness) that overtakes you as soon as your naked feet reunite with the naked earth is actually doing you some good? Ummm NO! Or at least I hope you don’t need that kind of science to give you permission to readily heed such a primal urge and receive such an accessible gift. (We are here to partner and dance with the earth.)

The above picture recently came across my awareness again thanks to my morning Facebook newsfeed, after Tom and I returned to England from our recent holiday in California.  I have been trying to process everything about the trip and looking for a (relatively – relative to me) succinct way to describe it all. Bingo. 

It had been over a year since my last Cali visit, and my battery life was hovering somewhere between 1-2%, if that. While living in England has been a dream come true in the most literal sense, as in living in the UK had been a dream of mine since 2007 and I made that a reality in 2013, it hasn’t exactly been a dream come true in the metaphorical sense. I felt my light dimming, as if beyond my control. I did what I could, but I just was not operating at full capacity. I missed myself. 

Then on the 7th day of our being in California, I hit 100% and could fully rest in my ‘return’. That sounds awfully biblical I realize as I read it back, but there it is. I felt my energy coming back and my light getting brighter almost as soon as we hit the runway, but it was moments before I taught my (previously regular) yoga class that my soul sister and dear friend Rina said, “There you are. There’s my girl.” Like in the movie Hook where the little boy is playing with Robin William’s face and suddenly exclaims, “THERE you are Peter!” It was just like that. Even Tom was reunited with the woman he first fell in love with and the realization that he hadn’t seen her in a very long time hit hard. 

Some may argue that it was simply being back in the United States, back in my Motherland as it were. But it wasn’t. Because I wouldn’t have received the same jolt had I visited Ohio, where I grew up, or Arizona, another home I dearly loved. California, as well as my kula within it, (cooler word for community) resonates with my energy vibration level and/or frequency… it resonates with it AND raises it. For those scratching their heads, rolling their eyes or cringing at such hippie jargon let me explain it this way; I don’t need an adapter to plug into the outlet. The voltage is the same. I just plug in, juice up and go! 

Hippie dippie shit aside, there are universal laws… basic quantum physics stuff, like everything in our universe is energy. At a sub-atomic level, there is energy – not matter. The Law of Vibration (pre-cursor to Law of Attraction) is one such universality. It claims that everything in the Universe is moving/vibrating at varying speeds as well as frequencies.

I’m sure most of you can think of a time or place when you were able to tap into a similar or compatible frequency and things just, flowed. When I can plug straight into that kind of outlet without needing to adapt or adjust, I feel my most alive, yet also my most calm, my most inspired, and my most magical. 
I came into my own several times over in California, shedding old skin and stepping into a new kind of light. Thus, it is now and always will be my h..OM..e.

Though my feet were dusty and black after Coachella, I did not spend the entire two and a half weeks without shoes. However, I didn’t need to be. I still felt the reunion, connection and free exchange of electrons. I more than felt it, it transcended the physical act. Earthing at its best. 

**Footnote: The Rover shall return to and remain solely as a travel blog. The next post on here will be after our trip to Rome in June. There is a brand new blog page coming (Bella Says...) which will be devoted to personal life, insights, essays, poetry, etc. I apologize in advance for the repetition as this post will be Bella's first. Please sign up for the feed and follow the new page here:

Till next time... love, hugs and other 'drugs'!