Tuesday, January 26, 2016

10 states in 4 days...

   On Saturday, I took a different route to my mom's place in Paulden, Arizona from LA.... and since I'm moving to a different state and a completely different coast - I figured 'what the hell?' Normally I take the 10E to Phoenix, then the 17N. This time however the British bird on my Google Maps let me know a much faster option via the 10, the 605, the 210, the 15 and then the 40. I highly recommend it!
From there, I just took 40 East till I got close to Memphis then it was a blur of highways and exits till I got on 20East and coasted through Atlanta to 75 S. 

    It's now Tuesday night and  I am now holed up in hotel in Macon, Georgia with 4 audiobooks under my belt and only 2-3 hours ahead of me tomorrow. Maybe it's the last two consecutive 12 hour driving days or the fact I've only consumed beef jerky, apples, trailmix, coffee and water.... Buuuuut I'm feeling a little fragile and a little like 'WTF, did I just drive cross country to move to Georgia?!' Yes. Yes I did. 
While I'm still reeling from what is happening in my life,
I am focusing on the fact that I already have an interview scheduled for Thursday morning. A friend just reminded me... 'Don't fret - this is part of your journey.' 
Yes. Yes it is. 

.... To the next chapter of my journey :-)

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