Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Rover Goes Back to School

I'm doing a thing.
I'm doing a thing that excites me.
I'm doing a thing that scares me.
I'm doing a thing that will push me beyond my comfort zone, but will catapult me into the end zone of opportunity.

If you do not follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you would have missed this completely uninteresting announcement to anyone outside my circle of support. 16 years after my third drop out, 16 years after being a massage therapist, a modern dancer, a traveler, an administrative assistant, a social media coordinator, an expatriate living in England, etc... I am returning to school. I am returning to complete my bachelors degree - in Psychology.

For those who've only known me or view me as the performer/artist/writer/ gypsy this may surprise you. For those who've only known me in my business/corporate roles this may surprise you.  Yet for those who know ME, this will probably make sense. My love of things like artistic expression, logical processing, playing connect the dots in my subconscious, collaboration, and exploring different cultures makes Psychology feel like the right focus for my future. I see this path as a comprehensive way to encapsulate all these things. I do not know exactly what that looks like yet because I am not projecting beyond accomplishing this particular goal in the next 3-4 years. 
I do know that like I've done with the rest of my life, I intend to carve my own niche.

Back in Mid-May I entered a cocoon of mid-life quandary and self-abuse. Post 36th birthday, I have emerged ready to rock this next phase.
And in true Rover fashion, I will be attending Colorado State University while living (and still working full-time) in Georgia. Although sadly I won't literally be splitting my time between Fort Collins and Savannah because I am enrolled in their online program, I am eager to connect with a whole new community of like minded individuals and experience the virtual collegiate world!

I am doing a thing.
I am doing a thing I never thought I would do.
I am doing a thing I thought I was too old to do.
I am doing a thing that will change the course of my future for the better.

Do the thing.
You know the one I mean....
the one that will push you beyond your comfort zone and catapult you into the end zone of possibility. 
Trust yourself.

**Footnote - I am and will continue to apply for every grant and scholarship I come across so from time to time my posts will be geared toward those purposes. I found a very cool one today being offered by -- a haiku contest with the theme of 'Manifest'. Ummmmm, YES!
Please vote for my haiku HERE.

Walk into the fire
with heart and eyes wide open
to manifest dreams.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rove on over to Bella Says

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